Monday 17 December 2018 – Simple, Not Easy: Two Lifts for Max

Happy Monday Athletes. Today will be simple but not easy; get in to the box, get warmed up, then get to your One Rep Max Snatch followed by your One Rep Max Clean & Jerk.

Sounds like it should be a straight forward day, right? Maybe you think, what about a cash out or MetCon of some type? It’s this simple, if you put in the effort to get to your legitimate 1RM for both of these lifts, you will not a) want or b) be able to sufficiently attack any MetCon afterwards.

With that said, if you burn through these lifts and max them out only to see you have a lot of time left, then we present you with two options: 1K row for time or 100 Cal Assault Bike Calories (130 Schwinn).

Today is all about getting a true understanding of your current strength. This is not to say if it’s good or not. Today we find out where you are on your journey and a path for where to go next. 2019 is here; set some goals!


STR 1: Max Snatch


STR 2: Max Clean and Jerk


Friday 14 December 2018 – Get ready for LIFT OFF!

Happy Friday Athletes! Tomorrow is the HWCF Oly Lift Off, if you’re competing take today to roll and stretch, maybe do some light bar bell only movements and work the bike a bit. Make sure you’re at your peak for the competition.

IF you are NOT participating in tomorrow’s event…. WHY NOT?!

Today’s work is right out of the CrossFit open as we take on CF Open Workout 12.3. This 18 minute AMRAP consists of three straight forward movements: 15 Box Jumps (24/20), 12 Push Press (95/55), 9 Toes To Bar. You complete this cycle as many times as possible for 18 minutes.

This is a good one that will push you to your edge without a lot of heavy weight, so use it! Have a great weekend and see you Monday.


WOD: CF Open 12.3

AMRAP 18 min
15 box jumps (24/20)
12 Push Press (95/55)
9 Toes to Bar


Thursday 13 December 2018

Today’s work is back to the Strict Press followed by a Kettle Bell driven WOD.

First, work up to 90% of your max for 5 sets of 2 reps Strict Press, and remember as soon as you employ a hip drive to assist you in moving the weight off the shoulders and into the over head position, it is no longer a Strict press.

Once that is complete, grab your kettle bell (53/35 RX) and get ready for the WOD. Four rounds for time, 30 Kettle Bell Swings, 30 Yard KB Lunges and a 400 M run. Pay attention to your mid-line stability¬† through the entire KB Swing. Don’t finish up your set and then just go slack and round your back as you slam the KB to the ground. Stay strong!

Same with your KB Lunges; Keep your torso erect and don’t bend over at the waist. That can compromise your lumbar spine and lead to early fatigue.

After those moves you only have to run 400M so go fast!

Shoulder Press 5×2 @90%

4 rounds
30 KBS (53/35)
30 yard KB Lung (53/35)
400 m Run