Monday 24 June 2019


5×4 clean and jerks @65%


For Time:
500M Row
40 Air Squats
30 Sit Ups
20 Push Ups
10 Pull Ups

You should probably write the score for this one.

Friday 20 June 2019

Thought of the Day (TOD): Are you tracking your nutrition?  If not, your fitness, health, longevity, performance, and happiness may be reduced.  Start by assessing your calorie needs based on your sex, height, weight, activity level, and body weight goals.  There are plenty of website calculators for this. is one.  Then set your weight gain, maintain, or loss goal.  Track your macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat).  Again, there are great apps for this.  MyFitnessPal is one.  Experiment with varying calories, and macro percentages and see what works for you.  Treat your body like a machine.  Feed it what it needs to get it to perform, and look, like you want it to.


Workout summary: For strength you will do 5 sets of 5 repetitions at 65% of your 1 rep maximum (1RM).  Then tackle a classic CrossFit “Girl” workout, Jackie.  Don’t let the low bar weight fool you.  It’s legit.


Strength: Back squat: 5×5 @ 65%.  While the percentage of your max is on the lower to moderate side, it’s a lot of reps and sets.  You will be under load/tension for a long time.  This demands that you keep good form throughout.  Build that muscle memory during this time for later, when the percentages go up.  With this loading and rep scheme it’s also a good time to experiment with slight differences in your form.  Try varying your feet width, toe pointing direction, grip width, elbow pointing direction, placement of the bar on your back (higher or lower), gaze angle, etc.


Workout of the Day (WOD)/Metabolic Conditioning (METCON):



1000 meter row

50 Thrusters (45/35; empty bars)

30 pullups


Some light rowing, an empty bar, a few pullups.  Sounds deceptively easy-ish.  Don’t be fooled.  Especially by the row.  Many will row too hard during the 1000 meters, only to have to break up the Thrusters excessively, and crash and burn on the pullups.


First, set up your rower: foot straps over your toe joint, damper at about 5-5 ½, units set to meters, and a display showing the X:XX/500m.  My favorite is the “watts” setting, since it shows a longer trend of how you have been rowing.  Once you get started, settle in and row consistently, at about your 2000m pace, plus 10-15 sec/500m.  For instance, if you row 2000m in 8:00, try to hold a 2:10-2:15 pace per 500m.  Remember, rowing for meters takes significantly more effort to complete the work faster, than if rowing for calories.  So, trust the pacing and get it done.  Use long, powerful strokes with your best form.


Now come the thrusters, everyones’ favorite.  Again, the bar is empty and this may sound easy-ish.  But, it’s 50 reps, after the rowing.  Your legs are going to feel it, fast.  Keep your back up and in your best front rack position.  The bar is light and you shouldn’t have trouble keeping it on your shoulders and close to your neck.  Be patient with the press overhead by waiting to lift it off your shoulders only after you have reached full extension of the hips, knees, and even ankles.  Move your head out of the way of the bar on the way up, and then put your head back “through the window” to help recruit the posterior heads of your triceps.  As you lower the bar back down, find your shoulders as soon as possible to get the tension off of your forearms, which you will sorely need for the following pullups.  As the bar is descending, you can begin lowering into the receiving squat before the bar comes in contact with your shoulders.  This allows your legs more rest in the descent, as gravity hasn’t fully taken over the bar.  Make that final descent, into a squat, below parallel and repeat.  Consider going unbroken, or at most 2-3 breaks.  Set a plan and be consistent.


Finally, complete 30 pullups.  By now your legs, hip joints, and arms will be fatigued.  So, kipping and pulling will be a challenge.  Long powerful kips will serve you well.  Hang in there it’s almost over.  Plan your pullup breaks, perhaps do sets of 3- 5.  This will help you avoid the dreaded, “staring at the bar”.  Break pullups before you have to.  Otherwise you may grind to a halt.


Have a nice weekend!

Thursday 20 June 2019

Thought of the Day (TOD): Credit goes to CompTrain: There are 5 areas of Crossfit/fitness you can control: nutrition, training, recovery, mindset, sleep.  Assess your activities in each one of these areas, and make improvements wherever possible.


Workout Summary: For strength building and skill development you will do 5 sets of your maximum repetitions of unbroken Chest to Bar (CTB) pullups.  Then you will complete an Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM) workout for 16 minutes.  There are four movements that change on each minute: wallballs, AbMat situps, kettlebell swings, and Burpees


Strength: 5 sets of max unbroken C2B.

While explosive strength can be used to complete a CTB strict, a key to completing this many max rep, unbroken sets, is a strong kip.  While you may get your chin over bar with a weak kip, it takes a much more efficient, and powerful kip to get your chest to the bar.  Before you begin, make sure your hands are ready.  Have you minimized calluses which may catch on the bar knurl and cause a tear?  Have you dried your hands, and even applied some chalk?  This can be a key contributor to pullup success, as it affords a tighter grip with less fatigue of your forearms.  Now it’s time to jump up to the bar.  Do not attempt CTB or any kipping pullup by just reaching up and grabbing the bar.  This will not allow you the full, long kip you need.  Readjust your grip if needed to your most powerful, and comfortable width.  Usually this is just outside of shoulder wide.  Start your kip with feet together, and initiate the movement by flexing your back, pushing shoulders forward, and feet backward.  Now close your hips, and extend your back, while pushing down on the bar.  Don’t just swing your legs forward.  This will not give you the drive you need.  Once your body has passed from the flexed forward position, past the straight/vertical position, use the power generated to lift your chest up to the bar.  Once you make contact, push away from the bar, while bringing your legs backward in preparation for the next rep.  Chain the reps together to get your maximum count.


Workout of the Day (WOD)/METCON:

EMOM 16 (4 sets)

1: 20 Wallballs (WB) (20/14)

2: 15 AbMat Situps

3: 20 Kettlebell Swings (KBS) (50/35#)

4: 15 Burpees


This WOD/METCON will require you to be consistent and efficient in each movement/minute.  This will afford you more rest and recovery time as you transition to the next movement.


Wallballs: Keep your back up straight, the Wallball up high near your chin, drive your knees out, and keep your body weight in your heels, or over your ankles.  The movement begins at the bottom of the squat and ends when the ball hits the target above.  After your first squat, take your time coming out of the hole, and really explode after you reach the “power position”, where your thighs are above horizontal.  Only after you have fully extended your hips, knees, and even your ankles, should you push the ball up out of the front rack position.  Give the ball a little back spin to get a better bounce off the target.  A forward spin will make the ball come down too fast.  If you have time, you can lower your arms and then raise them back up for the catch, to keep from having to hold them up during the entire movement.  Once the ball comes back down, catch it high, by your chin.  Consider using your chin (with caution) as a third contact point, providing more balance and stability.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Go for big sets here.  You have a full minute.  Breaking up more than once will waste time.


AbMat Situps: After getting in position, lock your thumbs together, to maximize the swing of your hands and arms.  This will give you more momentum to complete the situp.  Touch the floor behind your head.  Then, um, situp…  Relax your adductors and groin after you get your torso past vertical.  Let the weight of your upper body, arms, and head pull you past that vertical point, and finish the move by touching your toes or the ground around/beyond them.


Kettlebell Swings: It’s all (mostly) about the hips.  When swinging the kettlebell, open your hips while your arms are still touching your ribcage.  Transfer that hip opening energy, into your ribs, and into your arms.  This will cause the kettlebell to swing up with little help from your arms.  You can prove this to yourself by trying the opposite: lift the kettlebell without the hips opening.  Nearly impossible.  Power breath out as the kettlebell rises.  Inhale and begin your bracing for the next swing, as the kettlebell comes down.  As with the wallballs, go for big sets, or unbroken.  Again, you have a full minute and breaking these up too much will waste your rest before the next movement.


Burpees: Be smooth on these to avoid wasting effort.  Avoid slamming into the floor, since it is an immovable object.  That just wastes effort.  Another waste of effort is squatting down to the floor before initiating your outward leg thrust.  Instead, hinge at the waist to get your arms/hands to the ground.  Then let gravity bring your body down while your legs shoot out.  Finally, breathe.  Both Burpees and Wallballs (which follow in this WOD) can cause you to hold your breath or “Valsalva”.  The Valsalva actually reduces cardiac output, which, in turn, puts you into oxygen debt.  If you let yourself get oxygen deprived on the Burpees, you will likely not hit the big numbers you need on the next move, in this case, the Wallballs.

Wednesday 19 June 2019

Thought of the Day (TOD): The best way to predict the future, is to create it.  Don’t let your future unfold like Forrest Gump: “you never know what you gonna get.”  While it did work out well for him, he really didn’t have the faculties you do.  Have a goal.  Make a plan.  Create your future.

Workout Summary: Snatch grip deadlifts and a 3 part WOD/METCON of rowing, burpees, clean and jerks, bar muscle ups, and box jump overs. Don’t worry, not all the moves at once, and there is 2 minutes of rest built in between rounds.

For the snatch grip deadlifts, you will do 5 rounds of 3 repetitions at 65%.  Find your snatch grip, on an empty bar if needed, so you can lift it easily.  Note the placement of your hands with respect to the knurling on the bar.  Reproduce that placement, with symmetrical spacing, once your bar is loaded.  Once you begin your working sets, try for touch and go reps.  This will help you maintain lifting tension and posture. Though the percentage (65%) sounds light, the new snatch grip will challenge you to keep your shoulders back and down, and your lumbar curve braced throughout the lift.  The rest of the deadlift is the same: hips and shoulders rise at the same rate until bar is past your knees, then stand all the way up. Remember to “feel the steel”: keep the bar as close to/touching your shins, knees, and thighs.

Workout of the Day (WOD)/METCON: This is a Partner WOD (alternating, “you go, I go” style). Partner WODs allow you to go harder and faster, since you have the built in partner rest times in each round. Your partner is there to help motivate you, both by cheering you on as you work, and by pushing themselves while you rest.  So, don’t let them down by slacking in either area.  In this partner WOD, the calories and other rep counts are low, so move quickly through each movement, and immediately transition to your next movement. Get back on the rower well before your partner finishes.  Remember the rowers (and bikes, and ski ergs) credit calories much faster than meters. So, push that pace and you will end up actually working less.  Use two bars if your team needs different weights.  As for the Burpees over the rower/bar it’s your choice.  However, the rower is a little taller and has that intimidating metal edge, and far less forgiving if you catch a toe on it. Consider trying both, since the “over rower” may appear in future CrossFit Opens…

3 rounds, As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible (AMRAP), 9 minutes each

Round 1: AMRAP 9

9 calorie row

6 Burpee over rower/or bar

3 clean and jerks (135/95)


Rest 2 min


Round 2: AMRAP 9


9 calorie row

6 Burpee over rower/or bar

3 bar muscle ups


Rest 2 min


Round 3: AMRAP 9


9 calorie row

6 Burpee over rower/or bar

3 box jump overs (30/24). *NOTE: higher than our usual box height

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Strength/SKill:  5 sets of max UB HSPU. Goal is to be consistent. Work on handstand holds and walks in between sets. If scaling the HSPU work on holding a handstand against the wall or a headstand with a tripod. Work on getting comfortable being upside down.



21 Cleans 135/95


15 Cleans 165/115


9 Cleans 185/125


Time Cap 15 min: Scale the weight so the cleans can be done in 4-5 sets with touch and goes. Scale the HSPU with reps or the movement if you cannot perform the set of 21 HSPU in 7 sets (at least 3 reps per set).