24 May 2019

Rest Day

Get Out of the Gym

Maybe some active recovery in preparation for Murph

Thursday 23 May 2019

Strength/ Skill: 5 sets of  70% Strict HSPU


AMRAP 4:00
27 Cal Row
27 Burpee
27 KB Swings

Rest 4 min
AMRAP 4:00
21 cal row
21 burpees
21 Ab-Mat Sit Ups

Rest 4 min

4 min AMRAP
15 Cal Row
15 burpees
15 pull-ups

If you find your self not getting though the burpees, Scale the reps as needed.

Go in with a plan for each 4 minute window.


EMOM 10:
1 Snatch

every minute add weight if no misses. If you miss the
lift drop back to the previous weight.

You can start this with a bar and make smart jumps up to a heavy single, or start with weight and make smaller jumps.

For Time:
10 OHS (135/95)
20 ab mat sit-ups
50 Double-Unders
20 ab mat sit-ups
10 OHS (135/95)


This should be fast and un-broken.

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Strength: EMOM 10 ALT
1: 10 GHD
2: D Ball Carry 50 feet (100/50)*

Scale as needed to a heavier slam ball or med-ball.

12 min AMRAP:
7 double KB Front Squats
40 feet double KB front rack walking lunges
7 double KB Front Squats
40 feet double KB front rack walking lunges

Use DB if needed. Use a moderate weight. One that allows
the you to get through the movement without stopping
a lot especially the first few rounds through. Think about breaking after each round. The intent is NOT to use the heaviest weight, but to choose a weight that is challenging but allows you to continuously move for 12 min with minimal breaks.