Monday 20 August 2018 – P.U.S.H.

Monday… RUNDAY!?!? That’s right, today pack your running shoes because you’re going to need them. After we get a good warm up in, and with a cap of 25 minutes, we’ll get our run on.

It is beautiful in it’s simplicity: Run a mile, rest for 1:30, run 3/4 Mile, Rest 1:00, Run 1/2 Mile, Rest 0:30, Run 1/4 mile, done.

If this makes it less painful: Run 1600M, rest 1:30, run 1200M, rest 1:00, run 800M, rest 30, run 400M, done.

Whichever you choose, P.U.S.H.







Run 1 mile
rest 90 seconds
run 1200m
rest 60 seconds
run 800
rest 30 seconds
run 400m

25 min time cap

HWCF Athletes Melinda Sheehan and Tim Watson at the Fenway Spartan Race 2017 

Friday 17 August 2018 – On-Ramp Day Three

Today is the final on-ramp session for the week, so get ready for some new athletes and competitors and be sure to say hello and welcome them to our family when you see them next week!

No AM Class today

PM Class is set to be light in preparation for the Battle in the Box Comp on Saturday morning.

If you’re signed up to compete; Get out there and lay down some fitness!!

If you’re not then come in and cheer on your friends; it’s going to be an awesome day in the box!


Assault Bike 15 min
1 min sprint
1 min easy

Stretch get ready for comp

Former HWCF Head Coach Karmin Ng CrossFit Open 2018


Thursday 16 August 2018 – No On-Ramp Today

Hello there! Today we’re back to it with both classes, so get in there and rock it like the Casbah! (It’s a song from the 80s. Go check it out)

For strength today, we are onto our One Rep Max Front Squat! I know, right?! So awesome. We will be working these from the rack so we can focus purely on the designated movement. As with all the lifts, adjust your weight with larger jumps at first, then as you get heavier make the smaller incremental jumps so you can really find your max.

When you finish, put away those bars and get ready to do some running. Don’t worry, it’s not only running though; we will break up our 400M runs with some air squats! VROOM!


Max Front Squat


4 rounds
400 m Run
50 air squats

Former HWCF Coach Mike O’Keeffe CrossFit Open 2018

Wednesday 15 August 2018 – On-Ramp Day Two

Today we have the second of the on-ramp classes scheduled for 0600, so again, there will be no AM class. Get to the afternoon class and meet some new friends!

Today will be another coaches choice, so Coach Nick and Coach Cindy will have something for you. Go in and get some and play like a champion, you’ll be glad you did!

HWCF Athlete Colin Lines

Tuesday 14 August 2018 – NO ON-RAMP TODAY

Hello Athletes; back to both morning and afternoon classes today. Our focus will be on two main lifts starting with working into our One Rep Max Snatch, then transitioning to a Max Over Head Squat.

As we get through the heavy snatch, focus on a solid set up and fully extending the hips explosively to drive the bar. Don’t worry, we’ll cover it in our warm up, but check out the video below. After that, we’ll move the racks and find a heavy over head squat.

Again, push both of these and write down your number you will know what your percentages are going forward.

The strength side of class will take up most of our time, but once we’re done you will have an optional bench mark 2K row. Get on that rower and get it done!


Max Snatch & Max OHS


Optional Benchmark: 2,000 meter row