Wednesday 26 February 2020 – A Note on Movement


Lets take a minute to talk about movement. Specifically meeting movements standards during high intensity work outs.  Today’s work out is Cindy, a bench mark work out that seems easy until you do it.

Benchmark work outs have a tendency to bring out the competitive side of people, more so than a normal wod. Whether you are competing against your self, your buddy, or the whiteboard, these work outs up the intensity.

Here’s the thing, your score doesn’t matter if you don’t complete the rep.  The RX next to your name is irrelevant if you didn’t preform the movements as prescribed.

If you’re capable of squatting below parallel and standing up all the way, but in an effort to go fast or to get a better score you don’t,  you did not complete a full rep. If you do this consistently through out a work out, did you really do the work out RX?

Now, we all see the people around us who don’t always hit movement standards. It’s frustrating, but try and let it go. You know that you’re getting the full work out, and that you’re getting the most out of every rep.

If you’re someone who shorts movements, shave reps or in some cases skip entire rounds (not for the intent to scale, but just to get a better time) no one cares about the RX next to your score, and everyone probably notices you not meeting the standards.

Stop cheating your self, check your ego and have a good work out.

Work Out:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats

Tuesday 25 February 2020


Clean & Jerk : 2-2-2-2-2-2-2

Super Fitness Robot time / rounds:
85% or higher of 1RM.

More Likely time / rounds:
(consider scaling if this seems unrealistic)
70% or higher of 1RM.


Monday 24 February 2020

The next few weeks will be heavy on testing. Girl work outs, lifts, runs, etc…

We ask that you give every work out your best effort but maintain good movement quality.  This means meeting movement standards and maintaining good form.

Work Out:

Each for time:
Run: 3x 800 m

Rest as needed between efforts

These should be pretty close to max effort runs for each 800.

This is not a jogging pace.

You can build your speed over the three efforts, but this is a good work out to set a new 800m pace.

Take the same approach if you’re using one of the machines instead.

Rest as needed between efforts

Other Equipment Conversions:
Replace each 800 m of running with 2400 m on the Assault Bike, Rogue Echo Bike or Schwinn Airdyne, 1000 m on the Concept 2 Rower, or 2000 m on the Concept 2 Bike Erg.