2015 Paleo Challenge Explanation

Hey all,

We wanted to answer some of the questions we’ve been getting and help clear a few things up about the upcoming paleo challenge.

How does it work?

Over the next 5 weeks you will attempt to eat a clean fully paleo diet, which in short means you’ll be eating meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds some fruits, little starch, no dairy, and no sugar and also no processed food, that stuff contains all those nasty preservatives we don’t need.

You’ll be scored in 5 main areas
Diet compliance
Baseline improvement
Body composition improvement
Performance WOD’s
And bonus challenges

Your overall diet will be the heaviest scored, you’ll get 3 points for eating clean for a given time period ( time periods are breakfast, morning, lunch, afternoon,dinner and evening) and one point for not eating clean.

What does clean mean?

Well, we’re going to give you a whole list of foods you should eat, foods you can eat in moderation and cheats that you can’t eat. As long as everything you eat, and everything in everything you eat is in the first two categories, you’re eating clean. If one but falls under the cheat category, that meal wasn’t clean and you only get one point.

For instance, if I eat a stir fry for dinner, that had chicken and all kinds of veggies, but I used brown sugar, that meal is considered a cheat, replace that brown sugar with a little bit of agave, and your meal has gone from cheat to a clean meal.

You’ll also be scored on 5 work outs,
two will be bench mark or baseline work outs that will be done at the beginning and end of the challenge to measure improvement and you’ll be scored based on how you do in those.

The other three will be performance WOD’s and will be done through out the challenge and you’ll receive points based on your score. There will be scale options available.

You will also be scored on your body composition, and how it changes over the 5 weeks. You’d be surprised who not eating something like dairy can show drastic improvement in your body composition.

We’ll be throwing some fun bonus challenges at you to complete for extra points, some will be individual and some will be as a team.

And finally where does the $30 a person ($60 a team) go?

The money collected for the challenge gets split up between prizes for the winners and it is also used as a fundraiser so we can get more coaches certified, that way we can make sure we have quality coaching for years to come.

There will be prizes for the top 3 teams as well as individual prizes

Hopefully this clears up some of your questions.

October Athlete of the Month: Kelly Foti!

Kelly has been a dedicated member of the HWTC who almost never misses a workout and brings her A-Game every single time. She has made gains on gain on gains and is looking more impressive on the daily. Kelly has set herself apart as a leader among the athletes who brings everyone up around her. She puts the team on her back! She is an amazing member of our gym and we are fortunate to have her! Here is some more information about Kelly!

Hometown: Rochester, NY

1. What do you do at Hanscom AFB?
Program Engineer in the Tactical Data Links Branch (HNAG)

2. What got you interested in the HWTC?
My fiancé introduced me to CrossFit about two years ago and I have Capt Dan Anaya to thank for bringing to the HWTC. He had been pestering me long enough that I finally signed up and I am very glad that I did!

3. What motivates you to keep coming to the HWTC (What are your goals)?
I am motivated to keep coming back because HWTC helped me take my fitness to the next level. I also really enjoy all of the people involved, trainers and athletes, they help make every day different and enjoyable even when the WOD is no fun.

My goals are to improve on my clean and jerk weight (105# comfortably would be nice) and to master the pistol squat.

4. Making any progress to accomplishing those goals?
My clean and jerk weight has gone up about 20# pounds since I started at HWTC but the pistols have been a slow process so far. I achieved my goal of stringing 10 handstands pushups together about two weeks ago!

5. What are some ways HWTC sets itself apart from other forms of fitness?
The trainers, hands down. Y’all are awesome! The knowledge that the trainers have and share with the athletes is incredible. The trainers took my awful form and helped me to improve upon that form in order to perform the movements more effectively.

6. What is your favorite WOD/exercise so far?
It has to be Kelly. The WOD itself is not fun but since it is “my” WOD it is my favorite by default.

7. What is your least favorite WOD/exercise so far?
Anything that includes double unders. I have not mastered the art of double unders yet so I just come out of those WODs with whip marks on my arms and legs.

8. What is something that no one knows about you?
When I was a freshman in college I fell off a second story balcony in Jamaica due to a rotted railing. I have a huge scar on my knee after two surgeries. Emergency rooms in Jamaica were a blast!

9. How can other people relate to your story?
I was a high school athlete and recreational college athlete and I am a competitive person. HWTC provided the environment that I needed to help me thrive which I would not have achieved on my own.

10. What is your most memorable moment at the HWTC?
I would say the 9/11 WOD. I really enjoyed the theme to the WOD and being able to dedicate a small portion of my day and effort to all of those affected by the tragedy.

Air Force Association Fun Run – 9 November WOD!

The Hanscom Warrior Training Center is excited to support the local Air Force Association (AFA) chapter in their 4th Annual Veteran Fun Run. This event is hosted by the Bedford VA and involves a 5K and 10K event. You can sign up as an individual or create a team.

We encourage you to coordinate with the other athletes and coaches if you’d like to form a team! We hear there may be some other Crossfit gyms from the local area in attendance… here’s a chance to prove to yourself how much your athleticism has improved, engage in some friendly competition, and support the AFA and Bedford VA.

Don’t forget you can leave posts here to show interest and coordinate with fellow athletes and coaches.

Fun Run Website: http://www.afafunrun.com/

Coach Billy

Individual Mobility Work

Hey all… here are two videos from Kelly Starrett.  A few of your very own WTC Coaches attended the Crossfit Mobility Cert run by Kelly and we’re working to incorporate that knowledge during the mobility portions of our workouts… but there’s only so much time per workout.  Check out these two excellent videos focused on improving your squat position and power (torque).  If you want to know more about what’s going here chat up a coach!

You can work this stuff at home, the gym, or at work (close the door first?) for a few minutes on your own each day… also we’ve got posters on the wall opposite the rig that have lots of mobility options… check them out!