Friday 20 July 2018

Happy Fri-YAY! As we round out the week we are going after some solid strength work. Today, we will focus on the Back Squat, again going with the lower reps and higher weight.

As with the snatch and push press from Monday and Tuesday, the sets of two should be a fight to get through. If at anytime during this work you think, “Hmm, this ain’t so bad!” you’re still warming up to your working weight.

Once you get through that and you and your legs are in a special place we will then focus on your legs! Friday’s workout will simply consist of short distance running and burpee box jump overs.

Never forget you are stronger than you think you are and your limits are self-imposed simply because that is as far as you’ve been willing to go. To build it up, you must first break it down, so get in there and get it on!


Back Squat 6 x 2 85-90%


11 Minute AMRAP

200 Meter Run

5 Burpee Box Jump Over



Thursday 19 July 2018

Hey there everyone. It is scientifically proven that misery loves company so call your box buddy and make them commit to meet you at the gym, it’s Partner WOD Thursday!

Before we team up to tackle today’s team focused workout we will do some pull ups. This skill work focuses on three main pull up styles; strict, kipping, and chest to bar (C2B). It is a straight forward EMOM, but will build quickly, so focus and get it done. Always remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Once that is done, our partner workout will consist of Bike Calories and Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks with a moderately heavy weight. The DBHC&J will be held to the CrossFit Open Standards for 18.1 attached below.

Be sure to strategize on how you will divide the work and be advised this one will rev you up so pace it and execute with vicious intent.


10 Minute EMOM 3 Strict PU/2 Kipping/1 Chest to bar

Partner WOD: (Break up anyway you like with one person working at a time)


20 Calories Assault Bike / 30 Calories Schwinn

20 Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks (50/35)*

*CF Open 18.1 DBHC&J Standard

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Hello Athletes, happy hump day. Great work so far this week as we focus on  building our strength using lower reps of the movements and heavier weights (85-90% of our 1RM).

With all the shoulder work we’ve done this week already, today we will focus on shoulder mobility using bands. During this time, you will also have the opportunity to work on your overhead squat for mobility and stability.

Once that is done, the METCON will be focused on gymnastic movements with no external load, but just because we’re not pushing or pulling weight doesn’t mean it should be easy. Included are double unders and that is a move which some of us struggle with, so don’t give up. To get better at a thing you must do that thing; it’s called specificity.

As for the intent of this workout? Learn to pace your body to a point that you can continuously move while applying the pressure. After all, applying pressure is how diamonds are made so crush it.


Shoulder mobility w/ bands

Over Head Squat mobility and stability


4 rounds for time

200 Meter run

15 Ab Mat Sit Ups

30 Double-Unders

40 Air Squats

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Hey everyone, Monday’s WOD was a bit of classic CrossFit. How? It was “UNKNOWN & UNKNOWABLE”! If you got in and rocked it without knowing what it was, way to go! If not, how about this one?

Over the next few weeks of our programming cycle, we are going to be building towards our one-rep max percentage by means of lower total lifts, but higher percentage weights.

Today we will work on our strength by taking the bar from shoulder to overhead with the push press. It will be done in sets of two pushing up to 90% of your max, so it should be work to get through both. If it’s easy, you’re still warming up.

Once you get that work done, the WOD is simple. Work through 85 reps of shoulder press at a weight that is moderately heavy but allows you to turn over large sets. Why you ask? Because every time you put the bar down you have to so 11 burpees. Don’t like burpees? Don’t put the bar down. Tough love is still love….now go get it tiger!


Push Press 6 x 2 @85-90%


85 Shoulder Press (95/65)*

*Every time you put the bar down do 11 burpees

Friday 13 July 2018

In honor of it being Friday the 13th, Coach Rachel has programmed a WOD to murder you…Just kidding!

This one is awesome and is going to rev you up to test your ability to move a load under stress. If you are burpee-adverse, then remember that here you are the designer of your own fate.

Push through the hanging power snatches at a weight that is challenging but allows you to turn over larger sets. That way, as you get through them, you will have less EMOM stops to do burpees.

But before all of that, get ready to work on your ability to move some weight with the front squat. You want to get better, then get out of your comfort zone.


FRONT SQUAT: 5X4 80-85%