Friday 16 November 2018 – Ending the week honoring a Hero: Viola

As we roll into the weekend before Thanksgiving, we are going to end this week with a Hero WOD honoring U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Alex Viola.

SSG Viola was a US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Soldier fighting in Kandahar, Afghanistan when he was killed from wounds caused by an IED on Nov. 17, 2013.

Today, we remember a fallen hero who didn’t get home for Thanksgiving, and we give thanks for him. This one hits home as our own Former Coach Jess knew him and sent us this, “Alex was both an absolutely hilarious goofball and wholly dedicated to his profession. He used to call me “nugget” and tease about my small stature. Some folks at Commando CrossFit, where Alex would sometimes join us for workouts, people would equate him to Batman…start and finished with a workout before we even knew it. I distinctly remember one Memorial Day when he finished Murph in 29 minutes, with a vest…my time was more than double that!

His family has a foundation that raises funds and supports the Special Ops Warrior Foundation as well as the Green Beret Foundation, both of which were there, supporting them during that difficult time.

If you are interested in donating to this organization, you can do so here:

Now, the WOD is a 20 minute AMRAP consisting of four movements. Run 400M, 11 Power Snatches (95/65), 17 Pull Ups, 13 Power Cleans (95/65).

Don’t let the moderate weights fool you, this one will red line your engine, so pace well. With the exception of the run, be ready to break up the movements into small, sustainable sets. This will allow you to go longer with shorter breaks, and get into that second, and third round.

When you start to slow, or think that it’s hard and you want a little bit longer rest, remember why we are doing this one. Go hard, pace well, finish strong, and next week when you’re with your family, enjoy it.

20 min AMRAP
Run 400meters
11 Power Snatches 95/65
17 Pull-Ups
13 Power Cleans 95/65


Thursday 15 November 2018 – All the parts…and a bonus WOD for winter weather

Today we will not do any bar bell work, but instead take on a longer WOD designed to engage your entire body, a bit at a time.

This WOD is 30-minutes long, broken down into two-minute increments, and consists of 5 movements. This means you will rotate through each of these 5 moves three times.

The movements are a 400/300M Row, 30 Dips, 20/30 Assault Bike Calories, 15 Hanging Leg Raises, and 10 Renegade Rows. Each round, take the two-minutes and complete the number of reps/meters/calories before transitioning to the next. Finish in under two-minutes and you get a built-in rest.

First, WTH is a renegade row? Good question! This move consists of a plank done with dumbbells (one in each hand for clarity…). One full rep of the movement is a push up, row with the left arm (Pick up the dumbbell  to chest height while balancing on your other three points of contact, then return), push up, row with the right arm. Those four (4) pieces make up one (1) rep. Yes, now do it 9 more times per round.

For the Dips, which can be a difficult move for some, scale the number of reps first, then scale the movement. Your coaches will help you dial in on a dip scheme that works for you, which is really the only person that matters. 😉

Remember to pace yourself, but get the work done in the allotted time. Oh, and have some fun; this is the best part of your day!


Every 2 min for 30 min
1: 400/300 meter Row
2: 30 Dips
3: 30/20 Cal on AB
4: 15 Hanging Leg Raise
5: 10 Renegade Rows

With the pending forecast, I thought this would be appropriate:

Wednesday 14 November 2018 – All Hail the Chief (Petty Officer)!

Happy Wednesday. Today we are working on the deadlift and this time getting heavier as we continue in our current strength building cycle. The rep scheme today will be 5 sets of 3 reps at 75-80% of your 1RM weight. As we get into the heavier weights, always focus on mechanics: Back neutral, brace for mid line stability, breathe. Your coaches will get you straight.

Finish that up strong and then load your bar for today’s WOD, “The Chief”. This one is pretty awesome and consists of a series of five, three-minute AMRAPS with a minute of rest between each one. Each AMRAP has the same three moves: 3 Power Cleans, 6 Push-Ups, and 9 Squats. These are all moves we are familiar with and the Power Cleans are moderately heavy at RX (135/95) and appropriately done in sets of three.

Your score is the total number of rounds / reps you do in ALL 5 AMRAPS, so keep a running count. If you get 1 full round and then get through 5 push-ups in the second round in the first 3-min AMRAP, when number two begins,  you start right where you left off with push-up number 6, then the 9 squats, then the 3 power cleans. Go til the end of round 2, and do the same thing.

Each round, pick up where you left off and keep a count of all your rounds / reps for the duration.

Sounds like fun, right? Heck yeah! Now get it!


Deadlift 5×3@75-80%


The Chief
3 min AMRAP
3 Power Cleans (135/95)
6 Push-Ups
9 Squats
rest 1 min
complete 5 cycles


Tuesday 13 November 2018 – We’re going outside……(of your comfort zone)!

Welcome back athletes, today we’re jumping right back into the fire so buckle up!

The strength work today will be the Shoulder Press (Strict) for 5 sets of 4 reps at 70% of your 1RM. Remember, that strict means completely unassisted by hip drive, so if you find yourself dipping even a tiny bit to push the weight into the overhead position, you are no longer doing a strict press. This should not be an issue if you stick to the 70% of your 1RM, so get warmed up and let’s move some weight overhead.

Once that is complete, today’s WOD will be three moves for ten rounds. The movements are a 150ft Farmer’s Carry (50/35), 20ft Hand Stand Walk (Wall-Walks will be the scale option), and 5 box jumps (30/24). One thing you should instantly notice with this WOD is it’s taking you right out of your comfort zone.

The Farmer’s Carry is a long one and the intent is to do it with as few breaks as possible. The RX weight will probably feel a bit heavy on round one, so be aware that’s the easy one. The Hand Stand walk is not something we practice frequently, and it’s time to focus on something you can do, but probably haven’t yet. The Walk Walks will get you inverted and are far from easy themselves. Finally, box jumps are fairly standard, but these are higher than usual, so find a height that is more than you’re used to doing up to the RX of (30/24) and knock them out. It’s only 5, right?

Today, you will build a sense of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is how you get that thing, you want. You want faster? ok. You want stronger? Good. You can have anything you want from fitness. The thing is we can’t give it to you. You have to take it.


Shoulder Press (Strict): 5×4 @70 %


10 rounds for time
150 ft db farmers carry (50/35)
20 ft handstand walk (wall-walks)
5 box jumps (30/24)


Friday 9 November 2018 – Back to Basics

Happy Friday Athletes!  PSA: Due to the observance of Veteran’s Day on Monday, there will be no classes, but the gym is open for holiday hours if you want to go work on specifics.

Today’s work is going to be basic but effective with both strength work and a spicy metcon that’ll get your engine red lining quickly if you’re not careful.

First, we will work on the Back Squat for 5 sets of 5 reps at 75-80% of your 1RM. Get warmed up and then build up to your working weight. This will feel heavy, especially when you get to your later sets. Take time between to reset the system and hit each set ready to go.

When completed, put away your bars and weights. Today’s WOD is pure body weight and don’t you worry, it’ll be enough. For 4 rounds, run 400 meters and do 20 burpees. Yep, that’s it. The trick is to pace yourself in order to keep constant motion, especially in the burpees. Don’t do them fast. Do them consistently. As you run, you will quickly figure out that this is your time to ‘recover’ under fire. Move your body but don’t burn it out, the run is the easy part.

Once done, give your fellow athletes a fist bump or high-five and have a great LONG weekend!


BackSquat 5×5 @ 75-80%


4 Rounds
Run 400M
20 Burpees