2017 Hanscom Warrior CrossFit Nutrition Challenge

We’re excited to announce the our 2017 Nutrition Challenge.

I will give you a quick run down, but the full list of rules and guidelines is below.

What: We will be going back to a Paleo Nutrition Challenge with teams of 2
When: We will start 9 January and run through 25 February(right before the open begins!)

Cost: $20 per person $40 per team

How: Each day who will earn 2 points for each meal that you eat paleo and lose 2 points for every cheat meal.

Alcohol, since I know you’re all going to ask. You’re allowed 1 6oz glass of wine a day. anything beyond that and you lose 1 point per drink, after 5 drinks you will not lose any more points.

There will be baseline work outs, challenge work outs and daily challenges.

General Paleo Rules:

Eat lean meats, lots of vegetables, some fruit some seeds and nuts, limited starches, no dairy, no wheat, NO SUGAR, no dairy no legumes.

There are more in depth rules below.

Coaches and athletes will be allowed to participate as a team

Prizes will be awarded for teams and individuals.

Sign ups will begin 28 December and will end the 14th of January  (if you do not sign up prior to the 9th you will not receive points for that week. You must pay before the 14th of January.

We’re excited to get this under way. This is a great way to understand how food effects your body. You will learn exactly how things like dairy, sugar and gluten effect you.

Here is where you can find all the information 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!



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