Monday 6 August 2018 – Box Wash Day One

Happy Monday Athletes! It’s Monday Funday, are you ready to get some fitness? GOOD!

Have you noticed it looks like Pablo Escobar got in a fight with LeBron James in the gym? We have too, so this week we will be conducting a box wash and each day I’ll post the AM/PM class responsibilities. Remember, we’re basically a fully self-supported box and with out you, it just can’t happen.

Now, as we continue to focus on building strength, we’re ramping up our weight percentage a little more. Today we go after the Clean and we will be building to 90-95% of your max.¬† As always, for your warm up into your heavy-zone, make the larger weight jumps early. When you start to get through your four sets of two, make increases smaller and more manageable. Is your 1RM 190? Then going one jump from 75 to 115? Ok. 135 to 185? Bad. 165 to 170? Good.

After you have completed this part of today’s training we will step into the workout. It’s a straightforward five rounds for time with three movements.

Start each round with a 200M run, it’s short so get after it. After that, we will continue to work on our Clean but this time using the Hang Power Clean at a heavy weight. Find a weight that feels like you can fight through the first set unbroken, but after that it’s the struggle bus to gains town. Once you complete the cleans, get on the rig and knock out seven toes to bar. Now do that 4 more times like you mean it!

0615 – Move equipment off the floor

1630 –¬†Relocate Weights off of wall, sweep leaf blow



Cleans 4×2 @ 90-95%


5 Rounds for Time
200 m run
7 hang power cleans (155/105)
7 T2B

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