Tuesday 7 August 2018 – Box Wash Day Two

Hey there, it’s time to look forward to Tuesday’s work. Good start on the box wash, thank you for getting on it with enthusiasm.

Today we will focus on moving weight from Shoulder to Over Head using the Push Jerk. This movement will allow you to move the most weight to the over head position with the second “re-dip” when you catch. Don’t worry, your coaches will demonstrate the movement as well a ensure you do it right.

We will execute the Push Press for five sets of two at 90-95% of your max. This one will be heavy, so ease into it, but definitely get there and remember, building this strength will help with other movements such as stabilizing weight in the Snatch and the hand stand push up.

Once completed, grab a box and moderately heavy kettlebell for today’s metcon.  This work will be done in a descending ladder starting at 18 reps of the three movements, then each round you do three less. 18-15-12-etc. Keep the kettlebell swings strong with the hips, keep the chest up and get full depth on the goblet squats, and finally stand all the way up on the box jumps.

It will feel difficult; but I know you can do it, so do it.

0615 – Mop start on wall opposite of rig move inward

1630 – Mop, start from the rig side and move inward, clean under wall ball area, change water


Push Jerk 5×2@ (90-95%)


Goblet Squats (50/35)
Box Jumps (24/20)

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