Friday 5 October 2018 – Put your hands in the air!

We will round out our week with some strength and stability work with the Overhead Squat. This movement has a higher degree of difficulty as you have to move the weight over head and then, when stable, squat with it. (I bet you figured that out with just the name!)

First, we will work on 5 sets of 4 reps using 60-65% of our 1RM. This weight should be moderate and doable in unbroken sets, but if you are having issues stabilizing then take it down a bit. This work is designed to get your form down, not push lots of weight; that’s later in the cycle.

Once you complete your 5×4, our WOD today continues to use the OHS but at a more moderate weight with RX being 95/65. Find a weight you can push through in big sets. If you can get all 21 in the first set done, nice! And just to keep it spicy, today’s couplet has burpees. Why? Because burpees make you better at EVERYTHING! And, really, it’s only 45.

Have a fantastic weekend and see you on Monday!

Coach Nick gets ready for some OHS….in style…

STR:                                                                                                                                          Overhead Squat 5X4@60-65%

Overhead Squat @95/65

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