Friday 2 November 2018 – Work and funny cats


Hey guys, below is the WOD and strength for tomorrow.

Strength is very straight forward with 5 sets of 4 front squats.

The last rep of each set should be challenging but there should be no doubt that you’ll make it.

For the metcon, make a plan going in and try and stick to it. Most of us can’t hold on to a barbell for 180 reps so we’ll all be doing some burpees.

Plan when you’re going to drop the bar so you’re not gassing your self even more.


Front Squat
5×4 @75-80%


3 rounds
20 hang power cleans (96/65)
20 front squats (95/65)
20 Push Press (95/65)

* extra challenge if bar is dropped
3 burpees over bar

Time Cap: 15 min


I was able to find a video for all three movements… but i kept the cat video in because it’s funny.


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