Thursday 8 November 2018 – Ground to Overhead

Hey there athletes, Thursday is going to focus on your entire body having you move a weight that starts light and gets progressively more difficult as we move from ground to overhead.

After a thorough warm up, today’s WOD is a chipper for time with moves that get more difficult but a rep scheme that reduces for each. Starting with 45 Deadlifts, then into 35 Hang Power Cleans, into 25 Push Jerks, finishing with 15 Over Head Squats. The limiting factor will be your Over Head Squat weight, so plan accordingly, and that weight will be used for all movements.

This means that your Dead Lifts will feel lighter and you will be able to cycle them faster. The same may be true for the Hang Power Cleans, but as you get into the over head movements (Push Jerks and OHS), be deliberate in your movements.

Today, as you focus on each of these, remember to brace in order to keep your mid line stability. Don’t round your back on the DLs and then hyper-extend during the push jerks, turning them into a weird standing bench press. That say’s you need to set the bar down and reset your movement. For the OHS, be sure to push that bar away from you over head and don’t let the shoulders become relaxed.

Stay strong, move as fast as you can with proper form, and remember; This is for TIME but not the LAST TIME.


45 Deadlifts (115/75)
35 Hang Power Cleans (115/75)
25 Push Jerks (115/75)
15 OHS (115/75)


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