Thursday 29 November 2018 – On-Ramp Day 3

Today is the final day of our November On-Ramp class at 1730, so again, if you want some afternoon coach let CrossFit, get to the 1630. We’re back to our normal schedule next week.

Today’s work is a fun one that has rowing for calories (30/20), and then Dumbbell Snatches (50/35), and Box Jumps (24/20) all done for time in a classic CrossFit downward trending 21-15-9. It breaks down like this, Row 30/20 calories, then do 21 DB Snatches and 21 Box Jumps. Then row 30/20 again followed by 15 DB Snatches and Box Jumps. Finish it up with one last 30/20 row and knock out 9 DB Snatches and Box Jumps.

Strategy: Row to win, DB Snatch to survive, Box Jump to Breathe. Here you have three solid movements that go from compression to extension and using the legs. You will be constantly moving with no significant (built in) rest time, which means YOU have to drive your recovery, but learn to do it under stress while in motion. Anyone can sit down on the floor and stare at the box or dumbbells after going too hard.

So, when you row, use strong, full pulls and then return SLOWLY before doing it again. Rule of thumb is take 2x as long as your pull to return. Have you ever watched Coach Karmin or Coach Matt row? If you can, check it out. That’s the money.

DB Snatches, if you can’t do 45 snatches at the RX weight so what. Get the heaviest weight you can and get it done. Each set of 21-15-9 should be done in no  more than 3 sets (3 x 7-5-3) but 2 x 11/10 – 8/7 – 4/5 is better. If you can only get 5 before needing (not wanting) a rest on the 21s, then you’ve gone too heavy.

Finally, Box Jump consistently, ensuring you stand up fully on top. This will allow you to get a full breath. If you have to take a break, do it on top of the box so you can’t just walk around since you have a limited space. Also, just standing up high on your pedestal with everyone looking at you will get you back in motion. (For the record, if anyone other than a coach is looking at you by this point, they should be going harder).

Welcome to the grinder; enjoy your stay!

30/20 Calorie Row
21 DB Snatch (50/35)
21 Box Jumps
30/20 Calorie Row
15 DB Snatch (50/35)
15 Box Jumps
30/20 Calorie Row
9 DB Snatch (50/35)
9 Box Jumps


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