Monday 3 December 2018 – Cold in New England means time to SKI!

It’s Monday Funday Athletes, so let’s kick off this week with something a little different. Today we will get some strength work in with the Clean & Jerk followed by a WOD that introduces the new Ski Ergs because, winter is coming.

First, let’s get some Clean and Jerk work in with 5 sets of 2 reps at 85-90% of your 1RM. Get some warm up reps in to prepare for that load, then when you get to your working load, rock out your five sets of two. If it feels significantly heavy, then you are tracking the target. For the set of 2, if you can touch and go, fantastic. If you have to reset for the second lift of the set, make sure you get back into the second lift quickly so you can keep that stimulus on your system.

Today’s WOD is going to be an 8 minute EMOM on the Ski Erg for 200/175 meters. This will be two athletes at a time participating in the EMOM 8, so for the rest of the class, there will be Goat Work (Coach’s Choice).

This one will be fun because it’s something new!


Clean & Jerk @85-90%

WOD: EMOM 8 Minutes
200m/175m ski erg
Goat work while not working on ski erg.



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