Friday 7 December 2018 – A date that will live in infamy

Happy Friday! Our strength focus today is the Over Head Squat followed by a series of 3 minute AMRAPs for the WOD. Are you ready? Good!

First, we will take on the Over Head Squat, building up to 85-90% or your 1RM for this movement and going for 4 sets of 2 reps. This will feel heavy and perhaps a bit unstable when at the lowest point of your squat. Take care to focus on active shoulders and arms, constantly pushing the bar up. When it becomes slack, movement occurs. This ‘wobble’ has the potential to cause you to miss your lift. Stay active and engaged for the entire movement.

After that, we will scale back the weight on our OHS, but keep it for the WOD. This one is a smoker, so pace yourself but remember you only have 3 minutes, so GO!

Each 3 Min AMRAP  is three movements, in a descending scale for reps, but increasing weight for the OHS. Fun, right? It breaks down like this:

First 3 min AMRAP: 21 OHS at a light weight (95/65 RX), then 21 Burpees over your Rower, then, for the remainder of the 3 minutes, MAX CALORIE ROW!

now, rest for 3 minutes,

Second 3 min AMRAP: 18 OHS at moderate weight (115/80 RX), 18 Burpees over your Rower, then again, max cal row for remaining time.

Rest 3 more minutes,

Third 3 min AMPRAP: 15 OHS at a heavy weight (135/95 RX), 15 Burpees, and max cal row.

Last 3 min rest,

FINAL 3 min AMPAP: 12 OHS heavier than before (155/105), 12 Burpees, finsh with a blazing max cal row! DONE!

Then, tell someone in class they ROCKED IT and to have a great weekend.

OHS 4×2 @ 85-90%

AMRAP 3 min
21 OHS (95/65)
21 Burpee over erg
max cal row

rest 3 min

amrap 3
18 ohs (115/80)
18 burpees over erg
max cal row

rest 3 min

15 OHS (135/95)
15 burpees over the erg
max cal row

rest 3 min

amrap 3 min
12 ohs (155/105)
12 burpee over erg
max cal row


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