Wednesday 19 December 2018 – Mental Fortitude

Wednesday’s workout, again, is quite simple but it is not easy. First, you will work up to your 1RM Back Squat, finding the max weight you can move with correct form.

Keep the chest up and spine neutral. If you’re rounding out, hunched over, then it is a bad rep. Work it hard, but keep it safe.

After you get that done, put away your bar bell and find yourself a space on the floor because it’s time to pay the man. Today’s WOD is the CrossFit Open 12.1: As many reps as possible in seven minutes of………Burpees.

Now, those of you still here, I say again, this is simple but not easy and will require a level of Mental Fortitude to even show up today. You know burpees. You hate burpees. Now, you will do nothing BUT BURPEES for 7 minutes. But, I’ll let you in on a little secret: You got this.

Everyday of your life you have a “Best I’ve Got”. Get in there and use that and you will have accomplished the mission.


Backsquat 1 rep max

WOD: Crossfit Open 12.1


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