Thursday 19 December 2018 – Twas the night before the Christmas WOD….

Happy Thursday Athletes! This is the last chance for some coach-lead fitness this year and we’re rounding it out with the 12 Days of Christmas WOD! Don’t be afraid to dress accordingly.

The movements on this workout are stacked higher than the gifts in Santa’s sleigh, so grab your favorite holiday flavored pre-workout and get ready to tear into this thing like a present encased in a hard plastic shell. You know the kind, where you need scissors………or C-4.

If you have not DONE a 12 Days of Christmas WOD before, it works just like that song. Or, if you prefer, like this:

Do 1 rep of the first movement;

Do 2 reps of the second movement, followed by 1 rep of the first movement;

Do 3 reps of the third movement, followed by 2 reps of the second movement, followed by 1 rep of the first movement;

Etc, etc, etc until you hit 12 reps of the twelfth movement, and grind your way back down to 1 all the while humming the tune to yourself (I just made that humming part up).

Now, this is programmed with some heavy weights, so if you just spent the week maxing out (especially if you participated in last week’s Lift Off), then SCALE ACCORDINGLY. Nowhere in the song is a trip to the doctor for a yule tide injury!

Ok, you know the format; you know to scale; here is the line up for this year’s edition of the…..

HWCF 12 Days of Christmas WOD:
1. Dead Lift 315/225
2. Hand Stand Push-Ups
3. Power Clean 225/135
4. Pull Ups
5. Burpees
6. Dumbbell Snatch 50/35
7. Wall Balls 20/14
8. Toes To Bar
9. Box Jumps 24/20
10. Cal Bike / Row
11. KB Swings 70/53
12. Thrusters 135/95

From all the coaches at HWCF, have a safe and happy holiday break!

Oh, and the Open is coming…..

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