Thursday 3 January 2019 – As the year begins, we have to say goodbye.

Hey Athletes, as we roll in to 2019 we have to say goodbye to one of our family. Eric Harkleroad has primarily been an afternoon athlete, but I’ve seen him a few times in the mornings as well, and after a long tenure at HWCF, he is moving on.¬† He will be attending the 1730 Class tomorrow, so if you can, go in and do this last WOD with him!

Today’s workout has both strength specific work as well as a, potentially, longer WOD. First, we will build up some grip strength by doing four sets of five 50 Meter Farmers Carries using a moderately heavy load. Pick a weight that may seem moderate on the first set, but will build into a little heavier for the rest of the rounds. If you pick a weight that causes you to break up the first five 50M carries, then it’s too heavy. Last set? Sure.

Once that is done, get ready for long chipper that kicks off with an 800M run! As soon as you get back from that get to your station and get ready to turn it up with 70 Double Unders, 60 Air Squats, 50 Ab Mat Sit Ups, 40 Heavy Dead Lifts (225/155), 30 Burpees, 20 Pull-Ups, and 10 Calories on the Assault Bike!

Sound like a lot? That’s because it is! Listen to the coaches and they will assist you in finding a scale for these movements that will keep you moving along. As always, find the hardest scale you can accomplish and get to work. There is a 30 minute time cap on this one, but don’t think about that. Think about getting it done!

If you do get to do this WOD with Eric, once it is over, give him a high five and remind him he will always have a home with us!

HWCF Athlete Eric H. Come by and give him a great send off!

Strength: Farmers Carry
4×5 50 meters. Use a moderate
heavy load

WOD: Eric’s Going Away!
“Running Late”
800m Run
70 Double Unders
60 Air Squats
50 ab mat sit-ups
40 deadlifts (225/155)
30 burpees
20 Pull-Ups
10 Cal on bike

Time Cap: 30 min

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