Friday 4 January 2019 – End of a LONG, short week

First Friday Fitness today consists of a dynamic triplet of a Strength Portion, A WOD, and a CASH OUT! Feels like you just won the lottery, right?!

First, let’s get some strength work done by getting five sets of five Front Squats across at 70% of your 1RM. What does across mean? It means that none of your warm up lifts count and your 5×5 are all done at your 70%. So, warm up, get to your weight and knock them out.

When that’s complete, grab a heavy Kettle Bell and a spot on the floor for today’s WOD. It’s a couplet done in the classic CrossFit style of 21-15-9 and consists of Heavy KBS and Burpees. By Heavy, find the kettle bell that is the weight above what you usually pick for a WOD. If you rock the 35 on the regular, grab the 44. If you love the 53, today take the 70 for a test ride. Build that strength. Burpees are what they are and make you better at everything so get after it.

When that is finished, you will have a Coach’s Choice ab focused cash out.

Get in there, get the work done, and then have a fantastic weekend. See you Monday.

Front Squat 5×5 @70%

KBS 70/53

Cash Out:
Coach’s choice for abs

And a possible cash out (Please no):


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