Tuesday 8 January 2019 – Fight To The End

Get ready to rumble, athletes; today’s fitness is a bruiser! First we will work on our Toes To Bar. This is an integral CrossFit gymnastics skill that tests grip, core, and shoulder strength. If you are comfortable with TTB, then the skill work is simply 5 sets of max effort, unbroken TTB. If you aren’t quite there yet, then work on getting the movement mechanics down in 5 sets. If you have problems with the grip strength required to hold on for TTB, then we’ll work on static holds hanging from the rig. Chalk it up!

When you work through that, it’s time to get down to business. Today is the Nutrition Challenge WOD (round 1) and it is none other than “Fight Gone Bad”! It is named this, because the format is that of a UFC/MMA fight with three, 5-minute rounds and a 1 minute break in the middle. Also, once you are done it feels like you just got out of a “Fight Gone Bad”.

The concept is straight forward. Each station is 1 minute of max reps or max calories on the rower. You MUST keep a running tally of ALL REPS COMPLETED for each round, then add up all the rounds for your total score. This will be the baseline which you will compete against at the end of the Nutrition Challenge.

The WOD is below, the movements are all straight forward and done at a general height / weight where the RX is completely doable. Today, go for the RX so you get a good idea of where your fitness stands, then when you do it again and smoke it, you’ll see how far you’ve come.

“Fight Gone Bad”

3 rounds – 1 min each station
Wall Balls (20/14)
Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls (75/55)
Box Jumps (20 inch everyone)
Push Press (75/55)
Cal Row

Score: Total number of reps & calories


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