Wednesday 9 January 2019 – AM On-Ramp Day Two

Attention Athletes, Wednesday is day two of the AM On Ramp, so there are no morning classes. For some coach lead, organized fitness it’s all about the afternoon, so get in there!

First, we focus on the Dead Lift, going for five sets of four reps at 75% of your 1RM. This will feel heavy and don’t jump right in at the 75%. Work up to it first, then begin your 5×4. Focus on strong, deliberate movements. Try for touch and goes, but make sure each time you start, you set properly. If that takes a second, no big deal. With that said, 5 x 4 should not take 30 seconds. You know the drill.

After that, we will get into the WOD which is three rounds for time (3RFT) of these four movements: 10 DB / KB Strict Press, 15 DB Single Arm Bent Rows (each side for 30 total) 10 DB Single Leg Deadlift (each side for 20 total), and a 50/35 CAL Bike/Row.

There are no prescribed weights, but there is a 18 minute time cap, so pick weights that challenge you. If you finish this WOD in 6 minutes, you went too light and missed an opportunity to build more fitness. If you time cap out, you went to heavy.

When you walk in that door, you have two options: Get better or stay the same. Go get it done!


STR: Dead Lift
5×4 @75%

10 DB/KB Strict Press
15 DB single arm bent over rows (each side)
20 (total) db single legged deadlift
50/35 Cal bike or row

Time Cap 18 min

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