Friday 1 February 2019

It’s Friday and what a great day for fitness! Today we are going after some cleans for the strength portion followed by another CrossFit Open WOD, so buckle up.

For the Cleans you will be working up to 75% of your 1RM, then using that to complete 5 sets of 3 reps.¬† This will feel on the heavier side, and if you need to reset your stance after each lift to ensure you’ve got it down, then do so. Do not lift, drop, stand around for 10 secs, relift. That is not the stimulus you’re looking for.

Once that is done, keep your bar and set it to a moderately heavy weight for today’s CrossFit Open WOD which is 15.4. This is an 8-minute AMRAP, couplet of Handstand Push-ups and Cleans and the RX weight is 185/125. These movements are done in an ascending rep pattern which can be seen below. Each ’round’ the HSPU increase by 3 (Starting at 3) while the Cleans climb by every 3 rounds. WHAT?! yeah, I know, crazy. Just look at the description below and you’ll get it.

Strategy: It’s 8 minutes, get after it. Be sure and pick your scale wisely if you don’t chase this monster RX. Make the movements difficult but doable and get them done. The Open is coming and it’s not going to tickle.

Strength: Cleans 5×3 @75%

WOD: CrossFit Open 15.4
AMRAP in 8 min
HSPU & Cleans @ 185/125


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