Monday 11 March 2019 – CF Open 19.3 Retest

Athletes, tomorrow we’re going to be retesting CrossFit Open Workout 19.3 with a back up plan for anyone who already completed it and is all set with their score.

First, as a reminder for CrossFit Open Workout 19.3 you must complete as much as possible in 10 Min of:
200 ft Single Over Head Dumbbell Lunges (50/35)
50 DB Box Step Ups W(50/35) H(24/20)
50 Strict Hand Stand Push-Ups
200 ft Hand Stand Walk

200 ft Single Front Rack Dumbbell Lunges (50/35)
50 DB Step Ups W(50/35) H(24/20)
50 5-inch Elevated Strict Hand Stand Push Ups (35# plate & an Ab Mat works well)
200 ft Bear Crawl
(The coaches will cover the official movement standards and define a non-rep for each.)

If you’re all set with 19.3, then the Back Burner Workout for tomorrow is:
5 Rounds For Time
Assault Bike Calories (15/10)
10 Burpees

Be sure and pace this workout, because while it seems like the two movements are ‘not that bad’, when you put Bikes and Burpees together, you have a leg taxing, engine revving extravaganza.

Find the speed that you can work through these movements steady and with no huge breaks. Ten slow and methodical burpees will be much better than 2 sets of 5 with a 30-45 second break in between. Also, when you pop up from the bottom position of the burpee, going wider in your stance in order to prevent having to stand up from a deep squat will prolong your ability to move. The coaches will show you the way.

How do you pace the bike? Get on it and pedal and if you feel like your going to die before you hit your calorie goal just remember that is highly unlikely. You’ll pass out WAY before death.

Either WOD-Path you choose, Monday just became Leg Day! Get in there and Get it done.

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