Wednesday 3 April 2019 – Day 2 ON-RAMP = No 0615 Class

Wednesday will be day two of this month’s On-Ramp class so there will be no 0615 organized fitness. If you do go in to do some work, please keep clear of the class as they learn the fundamentals.

For organized, coach lead fitness, get to the afternoon classes because Wednesday is Dead Lift Day! First you will take on heavy dead lifts for four sets of two done at 85-90% of your 1RM. Keep your brace and don’t let it drag you to the floor after a good lift. Be sure to reset before you go for the second lift in the series.

Once done, take the weight down to something moderate that you can do large sets. The RX today is 135/95 and the biggest set is 40. You want to be able to do large sets unbroken but don’t make it easy. You will alternate between the dead lifts with wall balls, so get ready to do some work.

Deadlifts 4×2@85-90%

WOD – For Time:
Wallballs 20/14
deadlifts 135/95

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