Friday 3 May 2019

Happy Friday Athletes! Today we will work on Toes To Bar with a 10-minute EMOM, and each minute do 8 TTB. This is an attainable number so push through it and get it done. If you’re not at the TTB point yet, work on getting through 8 Knees To Elbow / Knees to 90, but keep the shoulders engaged and work on the KIP to get the rhythm down. For the record, If you’re going through these reps and just hanging with slack, disengaged shoulders…’re wrong.

Once that is done, we’re off to the races with today’s WOD! It’s two, simple things (one done twice). First you will knock out an 800M run, then get back and grind out 100 Single-Arm Hang DB Clean & Jerks (50/35), then grab that dumbbell and show it the world as you take it on one more 800M run! Get out there and expand it’s horizons, it’s only ever seen the inside of the gym.

For the weight, the goal is to work through all 100 without putting down the dumbbell. Choose wisely, but don’t make it easy. The coaches will give you some guidance on how to tackle this one.

As soon as you come back inside from the last 800M, loudly proclaim “Thank you Coach Rachel!”

Have fun, go fast…

EMOM 10: 8 TTB

800M Run
100 Single-Arm Hang DB Clean & Jerks (50/35)
800M Run w/ DB

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