Wednesday 8 May 2019 – You know if it is called “Death By” it’s gonna be fun!

HUMP DAY!!!! Welcome to the middle of the week and today we will honor Hump Day by jumping over something. Repeatedly. Don’t see the connection? You have no imagination.

First, let’s get some skill work done with a pull up combo. Each minute on the minute for 10 minutes, complete 1 Strict Pull up, 1 Kipping Pull up, and 1 C2B pull up. If pull ups are your jam, then increase reps each min until you can’t. If pull ups are not your jam yet, focus on a hard combination of scale movements. The coaches will help you dial it in.

When that’s complete, today’s WOD is one of the “Death By” series. If you don’t know what the hell that means, it’s simple. Each minute you do a movement starting with 1. Then each next minute, you add 1 more until you cannot complete the number of reps in that minute. Min 1 = 1, Min 2 = 2, Min 3 = 3, etc.

Today’s movement is the Burpee Box Jump Over at RX 24/20 inches. This is straight forward and remember you just have to get over the box, but you don’t have to stand up at the top.

Once you get to your limit and cannot complete the number of reps in that minute, you will do Static Plank Holds (30 seconds on / 3 seconds off) until everyone is out of the WOD. FUN!

EMOM 10: 1 strict pull up + 1 Kipping Pull Up+1 C2B (if proficient increase reps every minute)

Death by burpee box jump overs (24/20)

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