Thursday 9 May 2019

Hey there everyone, it’s Thursday and our workload is legit so let’s get into it.

First our strength movement is the Back Squat warming up to 75% of your 1RM and then do 5 sets of 3 reps across at that weight. No, your 5×3 doesn’t start until you hit the 75% mark, so the warm up rounds don’t count.

Focus on the big points of performance here, keep that spine neutral and brace your mid line. Drive up through your heels (stay off your toes) and remember when you are driving up to push the ground apart with your feet. This will keep your knees from tracking inwards. The coaches will be there with their ever vigilant eye to help you move cleanly.

Today’s WOD is an 12 Minute AMRAP with four movements: 40 Double Unders each round, then Double Kettle Bell Dead Lifts, Double KB Front Squats, Double KB Hang Snatches (or Clean / Press) and all KB movements are RX (53/35).

Each round you will do the 40 Dubs, then the KB movements will start with 2 each and increase by 2 each round. It will look like this:
Round 1 = 40 Dubs, 2 KBDL, 2 KBFS, 2KBHS; Round 2 = 40 Dubs, 4 KBDL, 4 KBFS, 4 KBHS; Round 3 = 40 Dubs, 6 KBDL…. etc, got it? Good, now do it!

And as always, enjoy it!

Back Squat 5×3 @75%

40 Double Unders
2 Double KB Dead Lifts (53/35)
2 Double KB Front Squats (53/35)
2 Double KB hang Snatches or Clean and press (53/35)

add 2 reps of each KB movement each round

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