Friday 10 May 2019 – Have a great WOD, then a great weekend!

It’s Friday and you’re one workout away from the weekend, so let’s get it done.

First, the strength today is in the form of a 10-minute EMOM doing 2 power cleans each minute, but also, increasing weight each minute. Having done this, the key is to warm up to a good weight, then strip it back down and keep the weights close to your ‘station’ and build back up to that weight.

Since this potentially has 9 weight jumps, you have two paths. One, you can prepare for small, incremental jumps between your start weight and your target. The other method is to make jumps up to a point where 2 reps is a bit of a struggle, then ride it out. The coaches will advise you, but the key is to be prepared.

After that, today’s WOD is an ascending rep couplet of Pull-Ups and Clean and Jerks. The C&J are on the light side meaning the focus will be on your pull-ups. It is only four ’rounds’ starting with 5 reps of each movement. Then, each round you increase the rep scheme by 5, so round two = 10, round 3 = 15, and round 4 = 20. The key here is to get through the C&J quickly, with good bar cycling (coaches will demo / explain this) and then get to the rig.

For pull ups, it’s simple, BREAK THEM UP early. It is ALWAYS BETTER (read: FASTER) to do small sets with a short break than long sets with huge gaps between them. Now, get in there and tear it up. When you’re done and as you leave the box for the day, take a look around. Find someone and give them a fist bump or a high-five if you’re not germ adverse. Tell them they’re awesome and then go have a fantastic weekend.

EMOM 10 –¬†2 Power Cleans (increase weight every minute)

For time
5 Pull-Ups
5 clean and Jerks (95/65)
10 Pull-ups
10 clean and jerks (95/65)
15 Pull-Ups
15 clean and Jerks (95/65)
20 Pull-ups
20 clean and jerks (95/65)

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