Tuesday 23 June 2020 – No Classes

Hi guys!  No classes today, but below are your WOD options:

3 mins of jogging, biking, or rowing followed by…
3 rounds, not for time, of:
10 m high knees
10 m butt kicks
6 steps, walking lunges
6 lateral lunges (3 per side)
50 m run (increase acceleration each time)
30 secs of rest

Run 5 km
This is an all out effort for time.
Compare to 02.10.2020.

Other Equipment Conversions:
Replace 5 km of running with 12 km on the Assault Bike, Rogue Echo Bike or Schwinn Airdyne, 5 km on the Concept 2 Rower, 5 km on the Concept 2 Ski Erg, or 10 km on the Concept 2 Bike Erg.

Super Fitness Robot time:  Less than 21:30.
More Likely time:  Less than 30:00.
(Consider scaling if this seems unrealistic.)

For distance:
Run/Jog/Walk: 1×20 mins

Additional Work:
Cool down for 5-15 mins by casually walking, jogging, biking, or rowing, then stretch.
Hamstring Stretch:  Hold 1-2 mins per side.
Wall Leg Stretch:  Hold 1-2 mins per side.
Calves & Foam Rolling

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