HWTC Status Update

Good evening Athletes,

With the dwindling participation and the opening of many local gyms, you may have noticed that we have decided to suspend the online Zoom classes. We thank all of you who came to workout together virtually.

We will continue to post all types of programming for you, whether you have a full range of equipment, limited equipment at home, or none at all.

As far as the Hanscom Warrior Training room on base: we are currently not authorized to conduct organized classes. The room IS open for limited capacity (6 people as of this writing) and you must pre register to obtain entrance via the 66th FSS website here. Please note the gym is not currently open to contractors, there is very limited equipment available for use, and you MUST maintain social distance.

As far as on-ramp, we are not currently offering any classes and it will likely be a long time before we are authorized to conduct any classes, nonetheless beginners on ramp courses.

We will post any further developments as they come and keep you alerted as to when classes may resume under the opening guidances.

Thank you,
The HWTC team

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