Your Instructors

All of your instructors are CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Holders. All are volunteers and are excited to be involved at HWTC! See below for more information about your instructors:

Head Trainers:

Steven Eaton
Steve has been a member of HWCF since the fall of 2013. After starting he was hooked and couldn’t drink enough of the coolaide.  This is Steve’s second go around as head trainer.  Steve likes really short fast work outs or heavy ones. When he’s not working out he’s either playing Army or video games. Steve has two Chihuahuas names Nate and Chico.

image1Nick Luz
Nick first took onramp at HWTC in Aug of 2014 in an effort to find a way to break the monotony of a
typical weightlifting program. He immediately loved the constantly varied nature of the workouts and
the challenges of trying new things that he normally would not have attempted. He obtained his Level 1 Certificate in Oct 2017 and has been coaching at HWTC since. You’ll find him hanging around the gym in the afternoon doing cleans while avoiding thrusters and wall balls. You can often judge the intensity of the workout of the day by how messed up his hair is afterward.


Karmin Ng
Karmin was the third Head trainer has been an instructor at the HWTC since June 2013.  He was introduced to CrossFit while deployed in in 2007.  He comes from a traditional weightlifting background and has recently focused the last two years on endurance sports ranging from triathlons to marathons.  Karmin is a certified CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer.

Carlos Pagan
Carlos has been Crossfitting since July 2013 and brings to the table a natural talent for gymnastics. He became an L1 trainer in December 2013 and continues to find ways to refine his coaching such volunteering to be a judge at the 2014 East Coast Championship. Carlos also Coaches at CrossFit South Shore.  Carlos is also a certified CrossFit Gymnastics coach.

Amanda Casale
Amanda’s athletic background consisted entirely of soccer and track until she discovered her passion for Spartan Races and other obstacle course races (OCRs) in 2014. At the end of 2017 she qualified and then got her butt handed to her at the OCR World Championships in Canada and decided to get into CrossFit to work on her upper body strength. Little did she know that her very first and still-favorite WOD, Fight Gone Bad, would get her hooked immediately. She drank that CrossFit Kool-Aid hardcore and hasn’t looked back since. Amanda received her Level 1 in November 2019 and absolutely adores coaching. She really believes Hanscom has the best CrossFit community and there’s nowhere she’d rather be. Her favorite CF moves are burpees, box jumps, ~ANY CARDIO OR CORE!~, and all the strict CrossFit Total lifts. She’s still working hard at getting a muscle up, handstand walks, and consistent double-unders. She loves continuing to grow and learn alongside everyone — there’s nothing better than CrossFit to keep progressing your fitness!!

HenningStephen Henning
Steve joined the HWTC coaches on a journey to become a better CrossFit athlete and to help our box community.  As primarily a runner since 1977, Crossfit provided the intensity, variety, and mobility he really needed to become healthier and more fit.  As a long term Hanscom team member he also hopes to increase our coaching team continuity.  Now if he could just get better at double unders, thrusters, overhead squats, snatches, and butterfly pullups.  The journey continues.

Randi Froude10427349_10202448884132505_6288112208035864332_n
Randi has always been active but comes from no specific sports background. It took a while before she actually tried out Crossfit, but she was instantly hooked after doing her first WOD in January of 2012. She loved how challenging these workouts are both physically and mentally.

Randi received her Level 1 in March of 2014. She enjoys being able to coach all levels of athletes and also reach her own personal fitness goals along the way.

Christina DeBarros
Christina participated in the HWCF on-ramp in 2014 when she discovered that pure cardio isn’t going to make her jacked. The new friendships and competitive environment is what keeps her rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn each day. She loves all the workouts everyone hates like Karen and Fight Gone Bad. You can often find her back squatting in the corner, trying to conquer a CF fear (i.e. handstands), or convincing everyone to do mid-line after a workout.  Just because the white board says we are done doesn’t mean we don’t have a few GHD sit-ups left!

Bud Vazquez
Bud may be oldest by years, but don’t worry, he has enthusiasm for CF like a youngster!  Bud started CF in Feb 2015 and the hook was set deep.   The former Division 1 lacrosse player (Air Force) and coach, Bud says after years of snide remarks about CF from the upstairs weight room, his first WOD (and every one since) left him gasping for air like he was doing wind sprints at 7000 feet again!  He lost 15 pounds, came off cholesterol meds while avoiding going on blood pressure meds.   But, don’t let “Grandpa Bud” fool you – he made it past the first round of the Open in 2017 to the On-Line Qualifier – the first ever from HWCF —  and wound up finishing 99thin the world… for the Masters 60+ group.

Ryan HallrYAN
Coach Ryan is both a full time hipster and purveyor of fitness. A lover of great coffee and good beer. He collects T-Shirts, stickers and random useless facts. He’s quick with a joke and to light up your lungs with a spicy warmup. He enjoys long walks in the White Mountains and attempting to build a fire like they do on Dual Survival (in reality his wife is the fire god of the family.) He is married to the gorgeous Emma and they parent a super handsome fur baby named Gunner. –

Tim Watson
Veteran Soldier who now realizes that all those years of running, push-ups and sit-ups didn’t produce fitness. Functional fitness convert since 2011. CrossFit L1 December 2017. Found most weekends in the White Mountains skiing, hiking, biking, running or climbing. Occasional Spartan Racer or Uphill Runner who doesn’t need to run much because CrossFit produces results. Pursuing a second career as a ski instructor but wishing it paid enough to be considered a job. Food is fuel. Sleep is required. Enjoys IPAs but realizes that it’s not fuel.

29351560_10156218986402232_8625847019881686090_oMatt Lape
Matt started CrossFit in 2013, joined HWCF in 2016.  Ever since his first WOD he was hooked!  He drank the Kool Aid, lost 40+ pounds, and made fitness an essential part of his life.  After years of seeing the results for himself, he crossed over, took his Level 1, and was honored to become a HWCF Coach and then voted to be one of the two Head Coaches.  He loves working with new and experienced athletes, helping them improve their skills, make them laugh and share the passion of building a strong community.