Day 1 on-ramp tips

So you received a notification you’re in the next on-ramp course what next?  Throughout the on-ramp course have an open mind and ask questions!  The Coaches are eager to address any concerns or inquiries you may have.  You will be challenged and you will sweat!

Where are we located?

On the first day of your scheduled onramp course come to the Hanscom Fitness Center 15 minutes early incase there is any needed paperwork.  If you signed up through the website you should have already signed our liability waiver. The Hanscom Warrior Training Center is located opposite the locker rooms, past the racquetball courts.  If there is a class going on feel free to come in and watch!

What to bring:

The HWTC will have all necessary equipment for you to complete the on-ramp.  Please come to the class in clothes you would normally work out in.  Excessively loose fitting clothes are less preferable as we will be doing exercises with olympic bars and pull-up bars that may get caught.

For shoes a lightweight shoe is the most ideal; something you can feel the ground with. Some examples are Reebok Nano 2 and 3, nike free run, inov-8, Merrels.  If you have any questions about footwear don’t hesitate to reach out to us on facebook!

Bring a water source and a small towel if you like.  There is a water fountain right outside the HWTC in case you don’t bring one.

If you are feeling super motivated you can also bring a speed rope.  Most athletes have their own rope to ensure its just the right length for them.

Aside from that, enjoy the ride!

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