Tuesday 7 August 2018 – Box Wash Day Two

Hey there, it’s time to look forward to Tuesday’s work. Good start on the box wash, thank you for getting on it with enthusiasm.

Today we will focus on moving weight from Shoulder to Over Head using the Push Jerk. This movement will allow you to move the most weight to the over head position with the second “re-dip” when you catch. Don’t worry, your coaches will demonstrate the movement as well a ensure you do it right.

We will execute the Push Press for five sets of two at 90-95% of your max. This one will be heavy, so ease into it, but definitely get there and remember, building this strength will help with other movements such as stabilizing weight in the Snatch and the hand stand push up.

Once completed, grab a box and moderately heavy kettlebell for today’s metcon.  This work will be done in a descending ladder starting at 18 reps of the three movements, then each round you do three less. 18-15-12-etc. Keep the kettlebell swings strong with the hips, keep the chest up and get full depth on the goblet squats, and finally stand all the way up on the box jumps.

It will feel difficult; but I know you can do it, so do it.

0615 – Mop start on wall opposite of rig move inward

1630 – Mop, start from the rig side and move inward, clean under wall ball area, change water


Push Jerk 5×2@ (90-95%)


Goblet Squats (50/35)
Box Jumps (24/20)

Monday 6 August 2018 – Box Wash Day One

Happy Monday Athletes! It’s Monday Funday, are you ready to get some fitness? GOOD!

Have you noticed it looks like Pablo Escobar got in a fight with LeBron James in the gym? We have too, so this week we will be conducting a box wash and each day I’ll post the AM/PM class responsibilities. Remember, we’re basically a fully self-supported box and with out you, it just can’t happen.

Now, as we continue to focus on building strength, we’re ramping up our weight percentage a little more. Today we go after the Clean and we will be building to 90-95% of your max.  As always, for your warm up into your heavy-zone, make the larger weight jumps early. When you start to get through your four sets of two, make increases smaller and more manageable. Is your 1RM 190? Then going one jump from 75 to 115? Ok. 135 to 185? Bad. 165 to 170? Good.

After you have completed this part of today’s training we will step into the workout. It’s a straightforward five rounds for time with three movements.

Start each round with a 200M run, it’s short so get after it. After that, we will continue to work on our Clean but this time using the Hang Power Clean at a heavy weight. Find a weight that feels like you can fight through the first set unbroken, but after that it’s the struggle bus to gains town. Once you complete the cleans, get on the rig and knock out seven toes to bar. Now do that 4 more times like you mean it!

0615 – Move equipment off the floor

1630 – Relocate Weights off of wall, sweep leaf blow



Cleans 4×2 @ 90-95%


5 Rounds for Time
200 m run
7 hang power cleans (155/105)
7 T2B

Friday 3 August 2018 – Row, row, row your boat….

Friends, Friday is here and it has been another week of fantastic effort in the box; I say well done! Let’s finish it up with one more solid workout that will get you ready for some rest over the weekend.

Today we take the Over Head Squat and make it our strength focus. The work is five sets of three at 90% of your max effort which could be a relatively light weight, especially if you are new to the movement.

This OHS will quickly identify restrictions in your shoulder mobility, so listen to your coaches and work on any tweaks they provide. We will get you where you need to be, but it may feel a bit uncomfortable at first.

After that, it’s time to jump on the rowers and serve you up a helping of metabolic conditioning! The intent is simple; row the best you can for 1,000 meters. Take the time it took you to do that and use the same amount to rest. Row 6 minutes? Rest 6 minutes. Then 500 meters with the same 1 to 1 rest structure. Lastly, 250 meters.

When you are done, log those row calories on the board and have a fantastic weekend because Monday we get right back to it.


OHS 5X3 @85-90%


Row 1000 meters
Rest 1:1
Row 500 meters
Rest 1:1
Row 250 meters



Thursday 2 August 2018 – Spoiler Alert (NO BURPEES)

Well done everyone, you’ve made it past hump-day! Now, let’s get those teams together and tackle this week’s partner WOD.

This one is very straight forward and intended to be done with a sense of purpose. We will go through the three movements; snatches, clean & jerks, and thrusters, scaling the weight to a moderate load. Once you have that dialed in, you and your swole-mate will handle the business.

Once the WOD is completed, there will be a cash-out….

Are you ready to rumble?

Partner WOD: For Time

30 Snatches (95/65)
30 Clean and Jerks (95/65)
30 Thrusters (95/65)

Wednesday 1 August 2018 – Farewell Tim Toe Shoes

Today we have a going away WOD for HWCF athlete Lt. Col. Tim Helfrich. If you’re a morning athlete, you know Tim as the guy who smokes everyone while wearing those….stylish….Vibram “Five-Finger” shoes, earning him the name: Timmy Toe Shoes (at least by me).

As a strong athlete and running machine, he opted to take a tough hero workout and sprinkled in some 200’s to make it spicy. You have a 30 minute time cap to rock this thing out, so buckle up and embrace the suck.

If you can, get in there tomorrow morning and give him a fist bump or high five and wish him well.

Filthy Fifty on the Run

30 min time cap

50 box jumps (24/20)
200m run
50 jumping pull-ups
200m run
50KBS (53/35)
200m run
50 Knees to elbow or knee raises
200 m run
50 supermans (back extensions is RX so optional )
200m run
50 wallballs
200m run
50 burpees
200m run
50 doubles unders