Schedule Changes


You’ll notice a couple additions and subtractions in our schedule over the couple weeks.

  1. Next week (1 Apr-5 Apr) there will be a skills development and mini-WOD class taught at the same time at the on-ramp (0715).   We’ll only be able to take a limited number of people but we will work on some of the Olympic lifts (with no weight), handstands, double-unders, Kettlebell movements and other skills to help your development as an athlete.   We’ll do a WOD but since equipment is limited to the on-ramp, we’ll be doing mostly body weight.
  2. Wednesday, 3 April will be the Warrior Run and Obsticle Course.   If your signed up for either of the morning classes (0615 WOD or 0715 Skillz+mini-WOD), please meet up at the base theater at 0700.   The course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. On-ramp will still take place at 0715 in the WTC gym.
  3. Starting 15 April, we will no longer be offing classes at 1730 on Mondays and Fridays.   The WODs will still be available Tuesday through Thursday at 1730.

Comments or questions please contact Coach Dan at

– Coach DAnimal

WOD: 28 Mar 13

Review Skill: Squat and Power Clean

New Skill: Hang Clean from box or support

This video will give you an idea of what we are doing. There’s a lot of technical words he says… don’t worry if you don’t know what they mean!  In this video he is only doing Power cleans from the box, we are going to try to work towards the full squat clean with the support.  We get a few advantages from doing a clean from a box/support:
1) Because we have a support system we are more comfortable pulling ourself further under the weight (deeper squat when receiving the weight) than if we had no support.
2) We practice on not jerking the weight off the box and instead let the dynamic “pop” of the hips generate the movement.
3) Requires us to tighten/queue our core as it should be throughout the lift.


Hang Clean from box/support
5, 5, 5, 5, 5
Build to 65%-70% of max clean


Tabata Dip (any way) holds – 20 second work interval/10 second rest interval for 2 minutes
NOTE: The goal is to work up to holding a stable, proper Dip position on the rings — scale as appropriate!

Tabata Plank holds – 20/10 second intervals for 4 minutes

WOD: 27 Mar 13

New Skill: Goblet Thruster

Points of Performance for Goblet Thruster

Weight in heels, maintain lumbar curve, neutral gaze
Grip handle by “Horns” – grab the handle right where it connects with the kettlebell, bell up/inverted
Keep weight close to your chest as you squat
Keep elbows close together
Get your head out of the way for the press portion of the thruster!

This video is a good example, skip to 2:40… although he holds it with the bell down, we’ll hold the bell inverted/upside down. Notice that he keeps his elbows tight together to prevent from hitting his leg with his elbow in the bottom of the squat.


Tabata (alternating 20 second work interval / 10 second rest interval) for 2 minutes (4 work intervals) per exercise

Goblet Thruster
Hollow Body Rock
Dive Bomber pushups
Pistols (alternate leg each work interval)
GHD Hip extensions (or) Supermans
Weighted Dumbbell Lunges



Recently, every class appears fully booked according to the website. However we’ve only had 8 to 10 people actually show up.   Bottom Line:   IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT, DON’T SIGN UP.   If something comes up, take your name off the list more than 24 hours in advance.   Repeat offenders (3x or more) will have their profile removed and need to meet with the coaches to reinstate their profile.

Also, it has come to our attention that some people have made two profile names so they can sign up for twice the number of classes allowed.   Let us not forget our first core value, INTEGRITY FIRST.   This is an unacceptable practice and anyone caught doing this will not be invited back to work out in the WTC.

– WTC Staff