22 Aug 2013

Mobility: Banded pectoral stretch, KB lat/tri mashes

Warm Up: Row 500m, hollow rocks/superman, twisted pushups

Strength: 10min EMOM 3 x Floor press (155/95#) or 70% 1RM

WOD: Tug-O-War

Teams of ~4-6 (depends on class size) are decided by the coaches (pick based on general size/ability) to compete in 5-6 rounds of traditional Tug of War. Each team should compete with all other teams at least once.

Winners of each round perform 10 victory burpees. Losers of each round perform 20 burpees. If one team loses all matches, coaches must perform 50 burpees. Begin each round together after burpees are completed.

*Safety first. Remove all obstacles and make sure athletes are not endangered by rig/GHD/plywood lip.

Finisher: Battle Ropes (30 sec work cycles, athletes rotating through 4-8 rounds depending on group size)

21 Aug 2013

Mobility: banded sampson stretch, hip-flossing

Warm-Up: 4 min ETSOTS Hand Stand for 15 seconds, 1 minute good mornings, 20 jumping air squats

Skill Review: bracing, push-jerk, bailing out of failed reps for hang-clean and push jerk

Strength: none


8 x Deadlift (185/135#)
2 x Push-Jerk (185/135#)

*Athletes use the same weight for the couplet

*Weight must not be above athlete’s 2 rep max for Push Jerk; should be heavy!

20 Aug 2013

Mobility:  Roll out back, lats, arms, hamstrings and quads, tspine stretch

Warm-up:  5 gassers, twisted lunges down and back, twisted pushups, jumping squats

Skill/Review: Chained High-Hang Power Cleans, bracing, push-jerk

Strength: Chained High-Hang Power Cleans 5-5-Max Reps @ 60% 1RM — athletes must not drop weight during a set


Max Reps:
3 min Ring Dips
3 min Double Unders (1 double under = 3 singles)
3 min Box Jumps (24/18″)
3 min Butterfly Situps
3 min Row (10 meters = 1 Rep)

Total score = total reps

*Atheletes start in groups of 4 at each station and transition at the same time (time does not stop running). Stations are positioned starting at the rig (ring dips) and moving towards the opposite wall (row).

19 August 2013

Mobility:  Banded shoulder and banded pectoral stretch, wall squat stretch

Warm-up:  1 Min Squats, 1 Min Jumping Pull-ups, 1 Min Open Hip Mountain Climbers, 1 Min Leg Swings

Skill/Review: High-Back Back Squat

Strength:  High-Back Back Squats 2-2-2-2-2 85%/1RM


4 x Burpee-Pull Ups
4 x KB Swings (1.5/1pd)
4 x KB Snatches (1.5/1pd)

*Athletes alternate arms on KB snatches

*Due to limited rig space, this can be a partner WOD; with KB movements away from the rig, partners will “switch” between Burpee Pull-ups and KB movements.

16 August 2013

Mobility:  Banded stretch shoulders, PVC pass-throughs

Warm up:  Med-Ball warm up, Burgener warm up

Skill/Review: Muscle Snatch, Pistol

Strength:  3 sets Max reps without coming off the bar chin-ups (palms in)


For time:


Muscle Snatch (65/45)