WOD: 9 Mar 13


Pistol (one-legged squat)


10,000lbs any way Overhead!

(break into teams and put up a total of 10,000lbs)

Announcement: On-Ramp Day 5 (Class 13I)


For those of you who made it in today, Congrats!   You’re good to go to regular WODs now.   For those of you stopped by Mother Nature, we are planning on doing a small make-up class at 0715, Tuesday 12 March (still tentative).   Contact Coach Dan at danaya33@gmail.com to make sure you’re scheduled to come that day.   Remember, until you’ve completed all five days you can not attend regular WODs.   Enjoy the snow and remember to stretch and roll.

– DAnimal

WOD: 7 Mar 13 – Partner Workout!

Skill Review:  Handstand pushups

Partner WOD:

200 Air Squats

150 Situps

100 Pushups

50 Pullups

Partner holds medicine ball (20/14#) overhead while other works.  TOTAL of 500 reps will be completed


2 sets of 15 banded good mornings

WOD: 6 Mar 13

Skill Review: Double Unders

                    Kettlebell Swings


3 Rounds:

1 Min per exercise, rest 1 min after each exercise

Double Unders

Air Squats

Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1pood)


Count total Reps for score.  Coach Eric scored an insane 580 last week!


Hip Flexor Band mobility stretch (pick 1)