February Athlete of the Month: Andrew Wehrli

Congratulations to Andrew Wehrli for being selected February 2013 athlete of the month!

Andrew Wehrli

Here’s Andrew’s nomination:

Andrew is slowly but surely developing into a functional beast. He consistently attends the WODs and when he shows up, he shows up…ya dig?

He continues to improve and takes instruction very well. Each class he comes back better than the last meaning he is listening and applying the coached material.

Here’s some more about Andrew from our Q&A:

Hometown: Davison, MI

1. What do you do at Hanscom AFB?
I provide PM support to Capt. Michael Brownlee on the Cursor-on-Target project  (AFLCMC/HNI, was HNB)

2. What got you interested in the HWTC?

I had heard about the awesomeness of CrossFit before and tried to do it on my own at the base gym for awhile, but didn’t have the proper equipment.  I also have been meaning to get more disciplined about my exercise routine and this provided the perfect opportunity.

3. What motivates you to keep coming to the HWTC (What are your goals)?

I have two main goals: The first is to simple be in the best shape of my life. The second is to avoid injury while kiteboarding & continuing to learn new freestyle tricks.

4. Making any progress to accomplishing those goals?

I think so, but the real test will be this summer when I am able to more consistently get back out on the water.   I’m definitely in better shape already, but perhaps not yet better than I was at the Air Force Academy.

5. What are your interests/hobbies?

Kiteboarding, Product Design, Traveling, Sports in general (Skiing, Climbing, Diving, etc)

6. What is your favorite WOD/exercise so far?

How can I pick when there are so many good ones?  I like doing the lifts to build strength, anything with rings, anything that requires additional effort/coordination.

7. What is your least favorite WOD/exercise so far?

Haha, I don’t know… maybe the Filthy Fifty or any of the girls (Karen for example).

8. Which Coach would you want to be stuck on an island with and why?

Wow, what a question! How am I supposed to answer that? Possibly Reyn because he’s pretty funny & creative, so I’m guessing he’s a good problem solver..

Hero WOD: 15 Mar 13 “The Chief”


Warmup: 5 x Burgener Warm-Up

New Skill: Kipping Pull-Up

WOD: “The Chief”

Max Rounds in 3 minutes of:

3  Power cleans (135/95 lbs)

6 Pushups

9 Air Squats

Rest 1 Minute Per set

5 Sets total, Count rounds and reps for score (i.e. 2 rounds + 3 cleans)