WOD: 10 Apr 13 – Team WOD

Review Skill: Clean and Jerk, Push Press (dumbbell), medicine ball slam

Team WOD:

After team assignment teammates will have 10 MINUTES to choose a team name and STRATEGIZE (example below) the weights and number of reps each team member will use to get the team through the workout as quickly as possible! You could have one teammate do the entire workout but… your team will most likely finish last and your teammate will want to kill you, once he/she can actually move again.

The goal of the Team WOD is to “move” the required amount of weight in the following categories:

3,000 lbs in clean and jerk movement
1,000 lbs in Overhead KB Swings movement
500 lbs in Medicine Ball Slam movement
500 lbs in Dumbbell push press movement

Team will consist of 3 people.  Each exercise category must be completed in order.  Only two people on a team can work at the same time, a third must be resting/monitoring their teammates.  The team must work together during the workout to determine who rests and to count the team reps/weight (to reach the required weight).

Example strategy for Team “Pain Train” weights and reps for clean and jerk movement:

  • Member 1 – 95 lbs, 15 reps, totals 1425 lbs
  • Member 2 – 55 lbs, 16 reps, totals 880 lbs
  • Member 3 – 45 lbs, 16 reps, totals 720 lbs

Total weight moved 1425 + 880 + 720 = 3025 lbs! In this example Member 1 and Member 2 could have worked at the same time to get their respective 15 and 16 reps, then Member 3 begins and completes 16 reps thus reaching or passing the 3K requirement for Clean and Jerk movement, the team is now ready to move on to the OH KB swings…!

This is designed to spur healthy competition within the gym while encouraging everyone to support and push each other – it’s all about the entire Warrior Training Team as a whole!

WOD: 9 Apr 13 – Tank Top Tuesday


400 meter run
50 double unders
400 meter run
40 double unders
400 meter run
30 double unders
400 meter run
20 double unders

NOTE: 3 normal (single) rope jumps required to equal one double under, work to complete double under repetitions versus single jumps

WOD: 8 Apr 13

Review Skill: Squat Cleans, Jumping Air Squats

AMRAP with Buy-in
Buy-in of 50 Jumping Air Squats

After completing 50 Jumping Air Squats do 12 Minute AMRAP of:
20 weighted V-ups
15 pushups
10 squat cleans (scale as appropriate with weight and/or medicine ball cleans)

WOD: 5 Apr 13

Review Skill: Row machine

Rounds for time (RFT) with a Buy-in and Buy-out

Row 500 meters or Run 400 meters

15 Pullups
20 Burpess
25 Squats

Row 500 meters or Run 400 meters (do the oppositve of your Buy-in exercise)

WOD: 4 Apr 13

Review Skill: Kettlebell Snatch


12 minute AMRAP with Buy-in

At start of time Buy-in with 30 kettlebell snatches, you can complete the 30 reps with either hand as long as you do all thirty. For example, if you’re stronger with your left hand do 20 with the left hand and 10 with the right.

After completing buy-in AMRAP of:
20 wallballs
10 toes to bar
5 deadlifts