Post-Paleo Potluck & “MURPH”

What are your plans for Memorial Day?

Please join your fellow Warriors and Instructors for an afternoon of good food and even better company. We will be having a combined post-paleo challenge potluck BBQ and Memorial Day Murph event. Sign-ups will be done through the HWTC website scheduler. This is a FREE event and donations to the online MDM Fundraiser are 100% optional.

  • What is MDM?: An annual internet based fundraiser for military charities. It’s based on a workout called “Murph”, named after Medal of Honor recipient Michael Murphy. The idea is to honor ALL of our fallen military members with a challenging workout.
  • Who can participate?: Anyone! You don’t have to be able to do the entire workout to participate, just do what you can. You can split it up over days, or complete it with a team. If you are not comfortable with these exercises, you can create your own version. What’s your “MURPH”?
  • When?: Monday, May 27th from 1000-1400.
  • Where?: Castle Park Pavilion (across the street from the HAFB Fitness Center)
  • Why?: To honor ALL fallen military members with our hard work and sweat while raising money for great charities supporting military causes.
  • How much? BBQ and WOD are FREE! Hotdogs will be provided, however we do ask that everyone bring their favorite side dish. Store-bought vs. homemade? No worries, all food is welcome!
  • Interested in supporting the official 2013 MDM Fundraiser? Registration is $35, and includes an awesome event shirt made by FORGED clothing. All profits go to charities that support military causes. Register here.

21 May 13- “Fight Gone Bad”

Warm up:

Row 200M, 10 Squat Jumps, 10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, 10 Wall Balls, 10 Push Press


WOD Movements


(35 Min, shotgun start) 

Fight Gone Bad  *Compare scores to WOD: 20130227*

Three Rounds of:
1 min of Wall-ball (20#/14#)–Count Reps
1 min of Sumo Deadlift High-Pull (75#/55#)–Count Reps
1 min of Box Jump (20″/18″)–Count Reps
1 min of Push-Press (75#/55#)–Count Reps
1 min of Row–Count Calories
1 min of Rest

There will be 1 minute time segments allotted for each movement.  A bell will sound after each minute; cuing the athlete to immediately move to the next exercise. The clock will not stop running. Time taken to transition to the next exercise will delay reps from occurring. Once all 5 movements have been accomplished, there will be a 1 minute rest period. Once the rest period has expired, the athlete will move to the next round. The total time for this WOD is 17 minutes (15 minutes of work, 2 minutes of rest).

The athlete will have each round scored and a total score will be marked at the completion of the WOD. The goal is to accumulate the highest amount of points possible.


Banded: Hip Opener on Wall & Shoulders, Rolling Leg & Back

20 May 13- 7 Rounds of Heaven

Warm up: 

PVC Pass Throughs, Slow Burpees, Squat Jumps,


Bar Mash Achilles/Calves, Roll Posterior Chain


OHS, Burpee Box Jumps


“7 Rounds of Heaven”

7 Rounds For Time:

7 OHS (96/65)

7 Burpee Box Jumps (20″ or less)


Tabata Battle Ropes

17 May 13- Swingin’ Friday! (Don’t Forget Your Socks)

Warm up:

Dynamic Movements

New Skill: Hanging Tuck-up & L Hang

Review: Knees to Elbows, Toes to Bar


5 x 5   Back Squats (Rest 1-2 minutes between rounds)

*Weights will vary per individual, but should feel moderately heavy without sacrificing form.*


For Time:

21 KB Swings (1.5, 1 Pood)

21 Toes to Bar

15 KB Swings

15 Toes to Bar

9 KB Swings

9 Toes to Bar

16 May 13- AM:SPIN, PM: RUN

Warm up:

  • Ankle Rotations, V-Snap/ Hallow/ Arch Roll (DEMO), Gassers, Inch Worm w/ Push-up, Side Shuffles, High Knees, Lunges


  • Alternate 2 groups between-
  • 3 x 5 Bench Press @ 65% of 1RM
  • &
  • 3 x 5 Inverted Rows (Rings or Bar) (DEMO)


0616 & 0715 CLASSES:

  • Complete Warm up, Spin Class, and Strength (time permitting).


  • Complete Warm up, Strength, then:

For Time:

Run 3K on Outdoor Track (7.5 laps)

Rain alternative– Treadmill 1.86 miles


Row 3000M